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Spoike e2e1505e83 Stop vulkan-only builds crashing when playing around in the menus. 2 weeks ago
engine Stop vulkan-only builds crashing when playing around in the menus. 2 weeks ago
fteqtv Switch to poll instead of select, to avoid crashes from select's arbitrary fd limit. 5 months ago
iqm iqmtool now supports --static. Also embeds some multi-skin info. 3 weeks ago
plugins Two minor fixes. 1 month ago
q3asm2 Redefine snprintf for Windows. 13 years ago
quakec Fix up some qc genericdefs stuff. 3 months ago
specs fixed eztv md4 incompatibility. 2 years ago
CMakeLists.txt Fix up SDL build to enable our multithread stuff. 2 months ago
README.txt Added the build-everything script from triptohell to the svn. Made more generic, and included a second script to install emscripten+android+nacl dependancies. Updated the makefile and fixed a couple of bugs. 5 years ago Misc small bugfixes and tweaks. 2 months ago Add disabled-by-default openssl plugin. Try to fix up ffmpeg build rules. 3 months ago Fix up some qc genericdefs stuff. 3 months ago Lazy GLSL loading, for faster load times. 3 years ago
fte.m4 Fix some misc issues that noone else is likely to notice. 3 months ago Add mods menu and all-cvars menu to menusys. 1 year ago
fteqw_readme.txt Added fteqw_readme.txt, a README file for binary releases. 12 months ago
ftetools_readme.txt openxr plugin: tweaked - inputs should be working properly now, and are visible to csqc. subject to further breaking changes, however. 6 months ago
imgtool.c FTE_TARGET=msvc now invokes some old version of msvc via wine, old FTE_TARGET=vc removed. Related code tweaks to make it a bit happier. 2 months ago


Yay, you found out the secrit location to download the sauce code from!

Right, urm, now what?
Yeah, good question.


Quick start guide:
cd engine
make sv-rel -j4
make gl-rel -j4
cd ..
engine/release/ -nohome -basedir ~/quake
engine/release/ -nohome -basedir ~/quake

You do not need to configure. The makefile will automatically do that depending on the target build/system.

Easy Build Bot System:
If you want to set up a linux box that cross-compiles each target with your own private customisations, then you can run the script to set up which targets you wish to support.
You can then just run the script any time your code changes to have it rebuild every target you previously picked.
The script can also be run from cygwin, but does not support compiling for linux then.
(The setup script will install android+emscripten+nacl dependancies for you, so you're likely to find this an easier way to deal with those special targets).
(note that t