Quickly download, create and run VM of any#TODO operating system.
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Looking to try out a new operating system?



Quickly download, create and run VM of any#TODO operating system.

For now yad not work under wayland correctly

Until this will be solved upstream use just quickfzf TUI under wayland! It's even quicker and easier to use. But don't have that nice distro icons you never heard about.. (or no?)

LinuxTux required...

Click on Hop for latest download



Licensed under AGPL3

Still Beta version!

Click for screenshot

As a base excellent quickemu (Link to project page)

quickemu video: Replace VirtualBox with Bash &QEMU

You can download new distro with few clicks of a mouse


  • GUI using yad (on youtube)


  • TUI using fzf (on youtube)


  • Desktop(shortcuts) entries generator

  • Set dir where VMs will be stored

  • Install DistroHopper systemwide

  • Portable mode (dependecies still must be installed)

  • Add new operating system to quickget (bit easier)

  • Copy all downloaded ISOs to destination directory

  • Translate DistroHopper (Currently supported English and Czech language)

Developed in English and translated into Czech language.

Welcome translations!

Why am I doing it?

Because I wanna learn

  • Linux

  • Bash

  • yad

  • project management

And contribute to open source

play with Quickemu

And easily add new distros to it

How to run DistroHopper?

You need fullfill the requirement first...

Requirements (For running VMs)

Installing Requirements

For Ubuntu, Arch and nixos systems the ppa, AUR or nix packaging will take care of the dependencies. For other host distributions or operating systems it will be necessary to install the above requirements or their equivalents.

If you install DistroHopper, it should take care of dependencies on Arch, Debian, Ubuntu, openSuse and Fedora

For DistroHopper to work you need

wget yad fzf

quickemu is included

For adding new distros, or adding/improving translations you will need also meld.

How to install DistroHopper?

You need get copy of distrohopper

If you want more stable experience, download latest release from

GitHub or SourceForge SourceForge

If you want latest developer version... (could have bugs and break anytime)

Or you want translate DistroHopper

git clone https://github.com/oSoWoSo/DistroHopper

Enter created/unpacked distrohopper directory

Now you should be good to go...

How to run DistroHopper

Just run from terminal


And you will see what next...

I am usually run DistroHopper as:

./dh m r s l && ./dh i && dh g


Desktop files

All desktop files will be storred in your .config/distrohopper in directories ready and supported

Fell free to copy them anywhere you want...

Currently supported Operating Systems and tools:

agarimos alma alpine android arch archcraft arco artix athenaos batocera biglinux blendos bodhi cachyos centos-stream cereus chimera debian deepin devuan dietpi dragonflybsd edubuntu elementary endeavouros endless fedora freebsd freedos fvoid gabeeos garuda gentoo ghostbsd haiku holoiso kali kdeneon kolibrios kubuntu lite lmde mageia manjaro mint miyo mx netboot netbsd nixos lubuntu macos openbsd openindiana opensuse oracle popos reactos rebornos rocky siduction slackware slax slitaz solus tails tinycore truenas-core truenas-scale tuxedoos ubuntu ubuntu-budgie ubuntucinnamon ubuntukylin ubuntu-mate ubuntu-server ubuntustudio ubuntu-unity vanillaos ventoy void voidpup vx windows xero xubuntu zorin

Also with posible planned: in discusion

discuss on github

Join DistroHopper chat group:

SimpleX (click SimpleX logo)

(check the software! even if you don't want chat about DistroHopper) Simplex website

Without these amazing projects it wouldn't be posible:




GUI depends on


TUI depends on



  • easy of use


  • commiting and working with github



  • Editing



  • diff


  • Logo and icons




logo by bit repaired by me..

  • Updating translation


Everything done on

Void Linux

Mirrored on







For Homepage click on Hop




@zen0bit at github

mailto: zenobit@osowoso.xyz

parent site oSoWoSo