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Jeff 559217d991 meta: Add vs2022 files to .gitignore
Babe, new visual studio garbage file just dropped!
2024-02-03 23:30:48 +00:00
RaphaelIT7 c63e5211b3 Made JoltPhysicsObject::GetName() functional 2023-10-02 13:02:52 -07:00
Joshua Ashton 50cef39716 vpc: Fix SSE4.2/AVX2 leaking into other builds
Closes: #138
Closes: #182
2023-08-01 02:59:22 -07:00
Raphael 8ebdc6b77f
ci: Setup permissions for executing 2023-07-31 18:50:44 -07:00
Joshua Ashton 17b5e73799 environment, spring: Use StiffnessAndDamping for springs
Should improve springs significantly.
2023-08-01 02:27:27 -07:00
Joshua Ashton 2242614d4a vehicle: Use StiffnessAndDamping for spring
Removes my todo here, and improves vehicles a lot.
2023-08-01 02:27:21 -07:00
Joshua Ashton 457a95fca5 Rebase against latest JoltPhysics w/ CCD fix
Closes: #1
Closes: #28
Closes: #86
2023-08-01 02:27:16 -07:00
Josh Dowell 562458200c If we fail to create a convex hull from the supplied points, substitute it for a small sphere.
I found exactly one model in a single map for gmod that causes this to happen, a better solution would be to re-calculate a valid hull from the supplied points, but this'll do since it's such a rare case.
2023-04-11 07:15:10 +01:00
Joshua Ashton d407472830 Support for GMod branch on Linux 2023-04-10 02:13:30 +01:00
Joshua Ashton ae995e24bf compat: Support for GMod mini-source-sdk 2023-04-10 01:24:51 +01:00
Joshua Ashton a7fece4d4e player: Only push objects if the normal < -0.7 (grounded)
Improves: #3

Closes: #118
2023-03-29 19:04:23 +01:00
Joshua Ashton be6b64b31e all: Rebase against latest VPhysics Jolt
Bump submodule to 172a99c718bded5faa169ac440517286684fa2f0 and fixup our code to support the latest version.

Additionally, some water changes/fixes.
2023-03-29 18:31:20 +01:00
Jeremy Lorelli 6c3e224561 object: Convert sphere radius to Source units 2022-12-31 07:18:35 +00:00
Joshua Ashton 067cc7eb4e
README: Add reference to Jolt Physics repo in the readme. 2022-10-25 01:11:24 +01:00
JJL772 860c66d09a environment: Fix GetBroadPhaseLayerName BroadPhaseLayers -> string mapping 2022-09-28 17:28:12 +01:00
Bagel™ 49abdbbef7 meta: Add 2022-09-21 18:30:01 +00:00
Margen67 0b937b95ce artifacts.yml: Improvements
Set fail-fast to false (stopping jobs if one fails isn't always desirable)
Remove unused ids; These are only used for outputs, and outputs aren't used anywhere.
Remove unneeded shell; pwsh and bash are already the default shell of Windows and Linux.
Upgrade upload-artifact to v3.
2022-09-21 19:26:50 +01:00
Magnus Larsen 0c55d0082d collide: Deconstruct CPhysCollide properly
It is necessary to dispatch the correct JPH::Shape dtor, even though
it's stored as a a CPhysCollide*.

This should fix #58
2022-09-21 19:26:07 +01:00
Joshua Ashton 6c1ec77980 environment: Add stub for Get/SetPerformanceSettings 2022-09-09 02:22:04 +01:00
Joshua Ashton 23bbdea910 util: Remove our impls of popcnt and tzcnt 2022-09-09 02:00:43 +01:00
Joshua Ashton 6636409b10 listener_contact: Use JPH CountTrailingZeros 2022-09-09 02:00:33 +01:00
Joshua Ashton cfae6a7997 constraints: Use JPH CountBits and CountTrailingZeros 2022-09-09 02:00:20 +01:00
Joshua Ashton 6767ca8f32 object: Unmark body as dirty when destroyed
Fixes some crashes since this was introduced.
2022-09-09 01:59:56 +01:00
Joshua Ashton 954d301a2b constraints: Fix refcountning of constraint pt
Closes: #17
2022-09-09 01:42:31 +01:00
Joshua Ashton 2931f2e5cf ci: Copy -> for GMod 2022-09-09 00:07:08 +00:00
Joshua Ashton 8165375c73 vpc_scripts: Remove jolt_static group
2022-09-09 00:19:12 +01:00
Joshua Ashton 6ec1d75b00 meta: Add .sentinel to gitignore 2022-09-08 23:43:01 +01:00
Josh Dowell 5f145e8694 meta: Add .enc files to the gitignore 2022-09-08 23:43:01 +01:00
Josh Dowell 327a96ca54 all: Add multiple builds for different CPU feature sets and a wrapper DLL to go along with them
Closes: #46
2022-09-08 23:43:01 +01:00
Joshua Ashton b4ef78acea meta: Update readme to add info about downloading non-releases 2022-09-02 20:29:14 +00:00
Joshua Ashton a28bbc8334 ci: Add drone CI for GMod builds 2022-09-02 21:13:48 +01:00
Joshua Ashton 29cf7a0778 vpc_scripts: Add jolt_static group 2022-09-02 21:13:48 +01:00
Joshua Ashton 0aa85f9931 ci: Add Linux CI 2022-09-02 19:08:08 +01:00
Joshua Ashton 9130ae7dd2 vpc_scripts: Add -mbmi for now
A stop-gap until #71 is merged.
2022-09-02 18:28:19 +01:00
Joshua Ashton 08c0934acc cbase: Undef offsetof if present
Fixes Linux builds in SDK.
2022-09-02 18:28:19 +01:00
Joshua Ashton cf10810b35 vpc_scripts: Add groups and projects 2022-09-02 12:47:05 +01:00
Joshua Ashton 5adb1c9358 ci: Rename build-set-windows to windows
Shorter name makes it easier to see
2022-09-02 11:37:47 +01:00
Joshua Ashton 1512949ee7 ci: Add support for Alien Swarm
Closes: #10
2022-09-02 11:37:47 +01:00
Joshua Ashton d923d9a5b5 misc: Add compat defines for Alien Swarm 2022-09-02 10:59:04 +01:00
Joshua Ashton b01f9f5c0c environment: Use std::vector for m_pPhysicsControllers 2022-09-02 10:56:58 +01:00
Joshua Ashton ae9b5dcc8e controller_motion: Use std::vector for m_pObjects 2022-09-02 10:56:21 +01:00
Joshua Ashton 143b5b166c environment: Add list of dirty static bodies
Adds a vector of objects that were awake, and changed their
motion type from Dynamic -> Static, so that they can be
retrieved in GetActiveObjects, and have their visuals updated.

If we don't do this, objects that get moved, woken, and their
movement type changed to static will not get their transforms
updated on the game side.

Closes: #59
Closes: #63
2022-09-02 10:09:30 +01:00
Joshua Ashton 36711271be constraints: Use Erase helper in RemoveConstraint 2022-09-02 10:09:30 +01:00
Joshua Ashton 52ff0b3629 fluid: Use new Erase helper 2022-09-02 10:09:30 +01:00
Joshua Ashton bdd5b2ca9b objectpairhash: Use Contains helper 2022-09-02 10:09:30 +01:00
Joshua Ashton 9946d6847c util: Add Contains helper
2022-09-02 10:09:30 +01:00
Joshua Ashton cb10f30fd8 util: Add Erase and EraseIf helpers
No std::erase_if in C++17 which is handy to have!
2022-09-02 10:09:30 +01:00
Joshua Ashton 9a44e687c6 ci: Add support for SDK 2013 SP to CI 2022-09-02 09:52:02 +01:00
Joshua Ashton 2812b58680
collide: Use std::swap instead of Swap
Swap is something that was added to Desolation's basetypes.h, not present in SDK 2013.
Just use std::swap from STL.
2022-09-01 12:29:36 +01:00
Joshua Ashton c6c1a6dba1 collide: Flip triangle winding in CreateDebugMesh
Closes: #44
2022-09-01 07:34:12 +01:00