uweb browser for geeks https://torappinfo.github.io/uweb/en/
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Uweb browser for geeks: unlimited power with html5 & termux


Amazon appstore Downloads

Uweb browser: downloads, plugins and tips
(Mirrors: netlify gitlab bitbucket repo pages vercel codeberg stormkit surge render )

  • Tiny: less than 200k
  • Fast: run fast, even with thousands of user provided css/scripts
  • Efficient: less touches, one click to reach any number of search engines without repeated input.
  • Convenient: any book (pdf/djvu)/dictionary (mdict)/txt/command line/app can be search engine.
  • Customizable: user-defined menus, (new) buttons and gestures for user agents, bookmarklets, url services, shell commands, internal functionality links and text processing etc.
  • Powerful: enabling html5 applications to work like native; javascript and shell scripting for general processing and more if enhanced by Termux.

Main features

TTS, text reflow, resource sniffer, translation, reader's mode, user-defined url redirection, webdav/http backup & restore, auto next page, sending/receiving msg/file(s), site config (UA, no JS, no image, no 3rd party script/resource,active script, global scripts), http(s)/socks proxy, enabling html5 apps for local files (pdf/djvu/epub viewer, mdict dictionary lookup etc.).

  • Resizable floating video support.
  • User-defined global and site-specific CSS and javascript.
  • Bookmarklets (with option to auto apply to similar sites)
  • AD blocking (block whole root domain trees etc.)
  • Customization (define extra menus/buttons/gestures with user-defined functionalities)
  • Support shell scripts, javascript for general processing, other languages (python etc.) are also supported by installing uweb compatible Termux versions.


Help with localization

We encourage everyone to help with localization. The following is how to do.

  • Fork this repository
  • Copy res/values/strings.xml to path like res/values-%(lang)/, replace %(lang) with the ISO 639-1 language code.
  • Translate res/values-%(lang)/strings.xml
  • Translate assets/help_%(lang).html from assets/help_en.html
  • Make a Pull Request