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Pass the Map

A Collaborative Mapping Hot Potato Experiment


Hi, if you're reading this that's because you've been invited to partake in a collaborative mapping exercise. Or you stalk my Froggi.es account. One of the two.

What is This?

Pass the Map is a game of Hot Potato with a Portal 2 map. Someone edits the map, then it's passed on to the next person and so forth. It's actually a second attempt at doing this schick, but the first one fell through. If you were part of the first one, welcome back!

How Does it Work?

I will act as the overseer for this experiment, ensuring it works smoothly. Notably, I won't be modifying the map (at least, not till the end). Your role will be to add your own spin to the map, however you feel. For most of you, I imagine that'll be adding some brushes and such. But others may feel like adding assets, like music or props. Up to you really. But it must fit within a given space, and be down within 2 hours (A total of ~4 hours will be needed of you. More on that in Rules).
If you decide to partake, nothing much will happen at first. Eventually, though, I'll contact you and give you access to the files. You won't know who worked on it before you (though you will know how many have), nor who will work on it after. Nor will I, a random process will be used to select the order of participants.
Once everyone who applied has finished, I'll spend a quick bit of time fixing anything broken and compiling it, and everyone who worked on it will be revealed. Exciting stuff.

The Challenge

You don't get free-rein to do whatever you want when working on the map, there's some rules to consider.


During your turn, you have a fixed space to work in. That space is up to you, but
you must create a Cordon with a volume no bigger than 10243 units.
This Cordon can intersect existing ones and you can add or modify anything that touches your Cordon, but be considerate of others. Note: Just because your space is fixed, doesn't mean your work can't exist outside it. Entities can move or extend past it, like physics props or movelinears.


You get 2 hours to make your changes. This isn't a competition though, so pre-existing or partially worked on things are fair game.
Additionally, you'll also get an hour before your time starts to see the current map. Get those creative juices flowing (or cheat a little and start making things).


Just for the sake of size and portability,
you can only add up to 50 files and/or 50 MiB. Whichever limit you hit first. That should be more than enough.
Plus some assets are already included and you can use anything anyone included before you. If you do add assets not for the map remember to add a credit to credits.txt (you can credit yourself).


I'm not going to strike you from the record if you accidentally reveal you partook or your work is distinctive enough to identify you, but for the sake of fun, try not to reveal yourself or the fact you're partaking, or, really, the thing even exists.

Timeline (of Your Turn)

If you're interested, keep reading! This section covers what is expected of you.


Along with a link to this page, I should have sent you a link to a form. If you're interested in playing along, fill it out. It's mostly just some admin so I can keep track of who's partaking and their availability.
Once you've filled it out, you're in! Sit tight, I'll get back to you soon.

When You're Contacted

At some point, I will contact you notifying you you're up next. At that point, just let me know what works best for you. If you feel you don't have time, I can skip you and put you back on the list.

Your Turn

Things will happen in this order:

  1. [T+0 hours] I will send you a .bsp of the current map and a Work Log describing the changes, idea, and whatever nonsense the previous contributors thought up.
    • You have an hour to think about what you want to do. Maybe get some programs started up.
    • Read the Work Log. Maybe you'll get ideas from that.
  2. [T+1 hours] An hour later, I will send a .7z (7-Zip archive) of the project.
    • It'll contain some instructions, any assets being used, etc.
    • The git repo contains what is the original template, so it's recommended you set up this repo beforehand to save some time when it's your turn.
  3. [T+3 hours] 2 hours later, I will contact you and ask for a .7z of the project back.
    • There's leeway here. You don't have to submit on the dot, this isn't a competition.


Sometime later, you, along with everyone else involved, will be invite to a Discord server where you can discuss what you did and see the final result.
The map will be published to the Portal 2 Workshop shortly after.

Rules & Procedure

Click here to see the video version of this section.


When you receive the map files and open the map in Hammer(++) you should have already have a space in mind about where you want to work. Create a Skip brush no larger than 10243 units. And move this Skip brush to the Markers Visgroup. Then create a NEW CORDON with the name as your pseudonym and make it the same size.


There is none. Even if the person next to your area did Old Aperture, you're feel to do whatever you want. Clean, Portal 1, hell, do a custom theme.
In fact, disconnect is encouraged. I want this map to look like patchwork once everyone's done. Really make your area your own.

Existing Work

Your area can overlap with other people's. Any parts of brushes inside and any props wholely contained within your Cordon are fair game to modify. Might even want to take this into account when deciding your region. Have a bit of overlap so you can blend from their theme to yours.

Your work

Clip any brushes that exceed the bounds of your Cordon, so they are nicely aligned with the edges of it. You cannot modify any brush sections that exist outside your Cordon. Brush faces touching your Cordon don't count as yours. Props cannot extend past the edge of your Cordon, unless they were already there to begin with (see previous section).

It might be a good idea to toggle off all Cordons except yours. Up to you though.


If you're adding assets made specifically made for this, first, wow, impressive, second, add them to the /passthemap/ directory. Include what you added in credits.txt. Remember to use your pseudonym.

If you're adding assets that weren't specifically made for this, add them to the /imported/ directory. Include what you added in credits.txt. If you are the author, you can use your actual name/username.

Be Kind

There's technically nothing stopping you from encompassing most or all of an existing Cordon and obliterating it, but be nice. The entire point is collaborative work.


I found this page, I want to be invited.

Not a question. But also, this project is invite only. Sorry!

I think [PERSON] would be cool to have on board. Can you invite them?

Sure! There's a section for that on the Sign-Up Form. I won't let you know if they end up partaking or if they already are though.

Will I need to modify my Portal 2 install?

Probably not. This project uses a system that links to Portal 2, but is otherwise standalone. If fact, this Repo contains the template that will be provided, so you can see how it works before your turn. Might even want to set up the config so you're ready to just merge the files when the time comes.

What are the pre-included assets?

DevPlus, some Portal 1 stuff, a custom build of HammerAddons, and Allison's additional Squarebeam crops. And maybe whatever else I feel like (i.e., a surprise).

I might end up being busy when you contact me. Can I reschedule?

Schedules are difficult. Especially if you don't actually know the schedule. If, when I contact you, you're not in a great spot to work on this, I can offer some options:

  1. Wait a bit.
    • If you think you'll be available in the next 48 hours or so, that's fine.
  2. Reshuffle.
    • If you think you might need longer, I can add you back onto the list and select someone else.
  3. Remove me from your mailing list.
    • If you think you might not be able to partake anymore, I can simply remove you.

As an aside, if you fail to respond after a reasonable amount of time (like 2 days), I will first reshuffle you, then remove you if you still don't respond on the second attempt.

I've got some weird edge-case with the rules, something's exploded, a blackout happened, etc., and I'm running out of time! What do?

As I said, this isn't a competition or anything particular serious.
Just message me about what's happening, and we can come to an agreement.

Additional questions?

Message me! This is just a brief overview of some of the questions I expect.