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Most of theses frogs are based on the SVGs of Twemoji by Twitter, Inc and other contributors (CC-BY 4.0). Others are unique designs with other inspirations in mind.

Here is a website showing all frog images in the current repository:

Have fun using them! 🐸


By contributing you agree to license your contribution under the terms of the GPLv3 (for code) and CC-BY 4.0 (for graphics) licenses. The corresponding license can be found in the LICENCE-CODE and LICENSE-GRAPHICS file respectively. The following links also reference the licenses:

GPLv3: https://github.com/Riesi/frog_emojis/blob/master/LICENSE-CODE

CC-BY 4.0: https://github.com/Riesi/frog_emojis/blob/master/LICENSE-GRAPHICS


When submitting PRs keep the following in mind please:

  • only submit SVGs. PNGs will be automatically generated by a maintainer after a merged PR.
  • use the following naming scheme: verb/adjective+Frog+Object+Differential with camelCase. For example, sleepyFrogFamilyTkg for an emoji with a sleepy frog family, which is differentiated from a sleepy frog family, by including Tkg.
    • should you submit an emoji that has a clear emoji mapping to it, please prefix it with U[unicodeChracter]-. For example, U1f35e-frogBread.
    • should you be on Windows and case sensitivity seems to commit wrong, run the following command in the git repo: git config core.ignorecase false
  • only submit SVGs with the file ending .svg. Not .SVG or .sVg

In addition to the following guidelines for the SVG's:

  • file name should not contain spaces
  • the SVG should be a square
  • the SVG should not be all on one line.

If you have Bash and Unix core utilities installed, you can execute the checkEmojis.sh script to locally check if your SVGs fulfill the requirements.

Generating PNGs

If you want to locally generate PNGs from the SVGs, you can use the gen_png.py script.


  • Python 3.9 - To run the script.
  • Inkscape - Used to generate the PNGs. Needs to be located in PATH.
  • (Optional) git - Can be used to automatically add a new commit with the generated PNGs.


gen_png.py [OPTION]

-h, --help                      Shows this help message.
-a, --all                       Generate PNGs of all SVGs.
-s, --specific S [S ...]        Generate PNGs for each S in the "svg" folder. The '.svg' suffix is optional.
-r, --resolution R [R ...]      Custom resolutions that will be generated instead of the defaults (72, 512, 1024).
-g, --git                       Generates PNGs of SVGs that changed since last auto tag and creates a git commit with them. Requires 'git' to be installed and located in PATH.