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miepee 66fdf6847d [frog] more frogs to add (#8) 6 days ago
Stefan Riesenberger eea53a7b04 [png] push rasters of lots of frogs 1 week ago
Stefan Riesenberger 2bb2896916 [frog] some renames and cleanup 1 week ago
Stefan Riesenberger a2391b8260 [frog] update some frogs 1 week ago
Miepee 898e2e02c9 [frog] adjust emil, remove/adjust frogs 1 week ago
Miepee 021b3429c8 dont use google android svg 1 week ago
Miepee 74123dac06 [frog] some evilish things 3 months ago
Miepee ba35484b14 [Frog] Add in many more frog emotes 3 months ago
Stefan Riesenberger 9f7a642b37 [png] generate frog_astronaut rasters 1 week ago
Thilo 3b1b5806e3 Fixed neovim code formatting 2 weeks ago
Thilo ab4bfae836 [frog] We are going to space 2 weeks ago
Stefan Riesenberger d329ff430d [frog] Its time to celebrate! 3 weeks ago
Stefan Riesenberger fbf70be1fd [frog] some one put a sticky note on him 3 weeks ago
Dudi d470948f62 dum sticky 1 month ago
David Husička c0d72bece7 Added frog_chrome 1 month ago
Stefan Riesenberger 4ccec597dc [bot] fix definitions file 1 month ago
Stefan Riesenberger 00ad759c36 [bot] add all frogs to the stickerbot (except some trashy ones) 1 month ago
Stefan Riesenberger 3ffdd2bcde [bot] add beer 2 months ago
Stefan Riesenberger 0b4c96ab6b [bot] Thanks Rph for creating a automated way to sync Frog Emojis with Telegram! 2 months ago
Stefan Riesenberger f6a07324c4 [frog] swooosh! nvidifrog! 2 months ago
Stefan Riesenberger 4671f0648d [frog] should have enabled the shader caching feature in Steam... 2 months ago
Stefan Riesenberger aefdeb8e08 [frog] seems like somebody forgot to install CS:S 2 months ago
easrng a7997a3735 i use arch btw 11 months ago
Miepee ac623492c3 added the second batch of vectorized OnChristmas froggies 11 months ago
Miepee 84ddcbf07a batch 1 of the vectorized versions by christmas 12 months ago
-e 17cd1c6973 added christmas frog, changed colours for some to more resemble their face colour, added frogarch + frogburger + frogcactus + frogwhip 12 months ago
Riesi aea555324d [frog] I am using Frogbuntu btw! 1 year ago
Riesi e8abc86a77 [frog] Some frogs want to watch the world burn. 1 year ago
Riesi c5a131bb93 [spy] this is a bit annoying 1 year ago
Riesi 4de496a38f [frog] lets have a nice glass of whisky 🥃 1 year ago
Riesi 78633611b9 [frog] lobster ma dude! (or is it a shrimp... I dont know) 1 year ago
Riesi 1c4be6b428 [frog] I wanna see a rainbow high in the sky 🏳️‍🌈 2 years ago
Riesi ab3b3010a0 [frog] he is now scarier than ever! 👻👻👻 2 years ago
Riesi 10799a3460 [frog] Microsoft 💚 Frogs 2 years ago
Riesi 8d049c674f [frog] the greatest shader frog is here! plagfrog by Plagman 2 years ago
Riesi 96ac2a688d [frog] frogcat gets some love 2 years ago
Riesi 18e28001e8 [util] move script to inkscape-git for mirror symmetry 2 years ago
Riesi 85c1dc2522 [frog] The new masks from Frog Tec are now available in stores around the world! Stay safe! 2 years ago
Riesi d56babee3f [frog] hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm frog_thinking 2 years ago
Riesi b60e67cb3c [frog] frog_signal the only way how mere humans can call for the help of a frog! 2 years ago
Riesi 478fb6695a [frog] super_frog to the rescue! 2 years ago
Riesi f9d21d69a0 [frog] frog_flash! He is so fast that you can't see him! by @edmondo 2 years ago
Riesi fc8de97ac3 [frog] YoRHa unit frog_2b reporting for duty! Thanks @tim241 for the hair graphics! 2 years ago
Riesi 1e06198fb5 [frog] update pingufrog 2 years ago
Riesi a36123c58e [frog] remember the good old days? frog_kaiser does! by DadSchoorse 2 years ago
Riesi 0a2ef68e0a [frog] jesterfrog will make you laught 2 years ago
Riesi fea8f9c6fa [frog] scaryfrog drives fear into everyone! 😱 2 years ago
Riesi 34ac10dedd [frog] babyfrog needs your love and attention👶🐸 by ScarecrowDM 2 years ago
Riesi 118db7dbae [frog] policefrog is here to arrest you 👮‍♂️🐸 2 years ago
Riesi d7c828e320 [frog] musicfrog got some sick beats! 🎧🐸 2 years ago