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#pragma once
#include "vjolt_object.h" // IJoltObjectDestroyedListener
#include "vjolt_environment.h" // IJoltPhysicsController
struct JoltPhysicsWheel
JoltPhysicsObject* pObject = nullptr;
bool InWater = false;
float Depth = 0.0f;
struct JoltPhysicsInternalVehicleState
bool EngineDisabled = false;
float BoostDelay = 0.0f;
float BoosterRemainingTime = 0.0f;
float LargestWheelRadius = 0.0f;
class JoltPhysicsVehicleController final : public IPhysicsVehicleController, public IJoltObjectDestroyedListener, public IJoltPhysicsController
static constexpr int MaxWheels = VEHICLE_MAX_WHEEL_COUNT;
JoltPhysicsVehicleController( JoltPhysicsEnvironment *pEnvironment, JPH::PhysicsSystem *pPhysicsSystem, JoltPhysicsObject *pVehicleBodyObject, const vehicleparams_t &params, unsigned int nVehicleType, IPhysicsGameTrace *pGameTrace );
~JoltPhysicsVehicleController() override;
void Update( float dt, vehicle_controlparams_t &controls ) override;
const vehicle_operatingparams_t & GetOperatingParams() override;
const vehicleparams_t & GetVehicleParams() override;
vehicleparams_t & GetVehicleParamsForChange() override;
float UpdateBooster( float dt ) override;
int GetWheelCount( void ) override;
IPhysicsObject * GetWheel( int index ) override;
bool GetWheelContactPoint( int index, Vector *pContactPoint, int *pSurfaceProps ) override;
void SetSpringLength( int wheelIndex, float length ) override;
void SetWheelFriction( int wheelIndex, float friction ) override;
void OnVehicleEnter( void ) override;
void OnVehicleExit( void ) override;
void SetEngineDisabled( bool bDisable ) override;
bool IsEngineDisabled( void ) override;
void GetCarSystemDebugData( vehicle_debugcarsystem_t &debugCarSystem ) override;
void VehicleDataReload() override;
// IJoltObjectDestroyedListener
void OnJoltPhysicsObjectDestroyed( JoltPhysicsObject *pObject ) override;
float GetSpeed();
// IJoltPhysicsController
void OnPreSimulate( float flDeltaTime ) override;
void OnPostSimulate( float flDeltaTime ) override;
void HandleBoostKey();
void HandleBoostDecay();
void CreateWheel( JPH::VehicleConstraintSettings &vehicleSettings, matrix3x4_t &bodyMatrix, int axleIdx, int wheelIdx );
void CreateWheels( JPH::VehicleConstraintSettings& vehicleSettings );
JPH::WheeledVehicleControllerSettings *CreateVehicleController();
JPH::WheeledVehicleController *GetWheeledVehicleController();
matrix3x4_t GetBodyMatrix() const;
void DetachObject();
JoltPhysicsEnvironment *m_pEnvironment = nullptr;
JPH::PhysicsSystem *m_pPhysicsSystem = nullptr;
JoltPhysicsObject *m_pCarBodyObject = nullptr;
vehicleparams_t m_VehicleParams = {};
unsigned int m_VehicleType = 0u;
vehicle_operatingparams_t m_OperatingParams = {};
vehicle_controlparams_t m_ControlParams = {};
std::vector< JoltPhysicsWheel > m_Wheels;
float m_TotalWheelMass = 0.0f;
JoltPhysicsInternalVehicleState m_InternalState;
JPH::Ref< JPH::VehicleConstraint > m_VehicleConstraint;
JPH::Ref< JPH::VehicleCollisionTester > m_Tester;