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#pragma once
#include "vjolt_object.h"
#include "vjolt_environment.h"
class JoltPhysicsMotionController : public IPhysicsMotionController, public IJoltObjectDestroyedListener, public IJoltPhysicsController
JoltPhysicsMotionController( IMotionEvent *pHandler );
~JoltPhysicsMotionController() override;
void SetEventHandler( IMotionEvent *handler ) override;
void AttachObject( IPhysicsObject *pObject, bool checkIfAlreadyAttached ) override;
void DetachObject( IPhysicsObject *pObject ) override;
int CountObjects( void ) override;
void GetObjects( IPhysicsObject **pObjectList ) override;
void ClearObjects( void ) override;
void WakeObjects( void ) override;
void SetPriority( priority_t priority ) override;
void OnJoltPhysicsObjectDestroyed( JoltPhysicsObject *pObject ) override;
void OnPreSimulate( float flDeltaTime ) override;
IMotionEvent *m_pMotionEvent;
std::vector< JoltPhysicsObject * > m_pObjects;