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#pragma once
#include "vjolt_internal_listeners.h"
class JoltPhysicsFluidController final : public IPhysicsFluidController, public IJoltObjectDestroyedListener, public IJoltPhysicsController
JoltPhysicsFluidController( JPH::PhysicsSystem *pPhysicsSystem, JoltPhysicsObject *pFluidObject, const fluidparams_t *pParams );
~JoltPhysicsFluidController() override;
void SetGameData( void *pGameData ) override;
void * GetGameData() const override;
void GetSurfacePlane( Vector *pNormal, float *pDist ) const override;
float GetDensity() const override;
void WakeAllSleepingObjects() override;
int GetContents() const override;
// IJoltObjectDestroyedListener
void OnJoltPhysicsObjectDestroyed( JoltPhysicsObject *pObject ) override;
// IJoltPhysicsController
void OnPreSimulate( float flDeltaTime ) override;
cplane_t GetSurfacePlane() const;
void ClearCachedObjectsInShape();
JPH::PhysicsSystem * m_pPhysicsSystem;
JoltPhysicsObject * m_pFluidObject;
std::vector<JoltPhysicsObject *> m_ObjectsInShape;
fluidparams_t m_Params;
cplane_t m_LocalPlane;