vkd3d: Rewrite how submodules are associated with exports.

Handle embedded DXIL subobjects and fix various issues exposed by the
upcoming new tests.

Associating with global root signatures, shader config and pipeline
config needs to be rewritten so that we validate uniqueness late.

The strategy here is to look at all exports we care about and find an

There are many priority levels which are implied by how I understand the
DXR docs. State objects in the API win over embedded DXIL state objects.
Any DXIL state object wins over a collection.

Hit group associations can trump an entry point. It's not entirely clear
how this works, but we let it win if it has higher priority, i.e.
an explicit association directed at the hit group.

There's also cases where explicit assignment trumps explicit default
assignment, which then trumps just declaring a state object.

Collection state is inherited in some cases like AddToStateObject() even
if this seems to be undocumented behavior.

Signed-off-by: Hans-Kristian Arntzen <post@arntzen-software.no>
Hans-Kristian Arntzen 2 months ago
parent 7d650d0940
commit 3b23e02878
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