Commit 7cce9ee7 authored by Joshua Ashton's avatar Joshua Ashton 🐸

[d3d9] Add InvalidView validation error to ignore list.

parent 8e087120
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......@@ -402,8 +402,9 @@ namespace dxup {
d3dInfoQueue->SetBreakOnSeverity(D3D11_MESSAGE_SEVERITY_CORRUPTION, true);
d3dInfoQueue->SetBreakOnSeverity(D3D11_MESSAGE_SEVERITY_ERROR, true);
std::array<D3D11_MESSAGE_ID, 1> messagesToHide = {
std::array<D3D11_MESSAGE_ID, 2> messagesToHide = {
D3D11_MESSAGE_ID_OMSETRENDERTARGETS_INVALIDVIEW, // This is a validation error for some reason but it does not actually matter and is fully supported.
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