Commit e6b9e1f5 authored by Joshua Ashton's avatar Joshua Ashton 🐸

[d3d9] Put wait for idle in RecreateSwapchain rather than SynchronizePresent

Oops, 3am errors...
parent 89f166f4
......@@ -547,7 +547,6 @@ namespace dxvk {
void D3D9SwapChainEx::SynchronizePresent() {
// Recreate swap chain if the previous present call failed
VkResult status = m_device->waitForSubmission(&m_presentStatus);
if (status != VK_SUCCESS)
......@@ -557,6 +556,8 @@ namespace dxvk {
void D3D9SwapChainEx::RecreateSwapChain(BOOL Vsync) {
// Ensure that we can safely destroy the swap chain
m_presentStatus.result = VK_SUCCESS;
vk::PresenterDesc presenterDesc;
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