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#pragma once
#include "MinecraftClient.h"
#include "ServerStatus.h"
#include "config/ServerProperties.h"
#include "protocol/Protocol.h"
#include "PacketReader.h"
//#include "JobManager.h"
#include "world/WorldManager.h"
#include "network/IListenerInterface.h"
namespace Feather
class DedicatedServer final : public Network::IListenerInterface
DedicatedServer(Config::ServerProperties* properties);
void OnClientConnect(Network::TCPClientHandle&& client) override;
void OnClientDisconnect(const Network::TCPClient* client) override;
void HandleLegacyPing(MinecraftClient& client);
template <typename T>
void HandlePacket(MinecraftClient& client, const T& message);
void HandleUnknownPacket(MinecraftClient& client, int32_t id, const PacketReader& packet);
Config::ServerProperties* m_properties;
Network::TCPListener m_listener;
ServerStatus m_status;
LockableList<MinecraftClient> m_clients;
WorldManager m_worldManager;
//JobRunner m_jobRunner;