182 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Alpyne f13918b66f Enable fmtlib ostream usage in Logger 11 months ago
Alpyne b722c5530c Basic foundation for Block registry 11 months ago
Alpyne 6584a2c022 Move ServerProperties classes into Feather::Config 11 months ago
Alpyne ddf9a7fa20 Functional block breaking! 11 months ago
Alpyne e7d18f7dff Allow cell overflow in block data (pre-1.16 style) 11 months ago
Alpyne b218552cc4 Block mutability for aligned bitfields (1.16 style) 11 months ago
Alpyne b15e039d61 [protocol] Revert using string_view for strings 11 months ago
Alpyne d444a36785 [protocol] Clientbound/serverbound specific type details 11 months ago
Alpyne 150ad7b9ac Add PlayerAction (block breaking etc) packet 11 months ago
Alpyne b370853c2a Add Direction enum 11 months ago
Alpyne f8e86ab9ba Implement PacketReader method ReadPosition 11 months ago
Alpyne ac62c9d25e [protocol] Simplify aliasing, use correct name and size 11 months ago
Alpyne 4c3bf292fb Add .editorconfig 11 months ago
Alpyne e64603c6b6 Move ChunkSection guts to PalettedContainer 11 months ago
Alpyne 55fa33057f Math::CeilDiv (divide and round up) 11 months ago
Alpyne 1c55884ddc bitsizeof(T) macro 11 months ago
Alpyne 1ec9781ec1 Common int types without _t, and byte type 11 months ago
DankParrot 3f76d50d67 Highlight errors and warning messages in their level color 1 year ago
DankParrot e91c2d9b50 Make internal assert method inline 1 year ago
DankParrot e37883a9bb Add Assert and AssertOnce macros 1 year ago
DankParrot b95362113b Comment out JobManager while it's not included in git 1 year ago
DankParrot 2692a0eabf [protocol] Add names to case-specific structs 1 year ago
DankParrot 75c1f4ce01 Fix fmtlib including windows.h everywhere 1 year ago
DankParrot 52d583c4c1 [protocol] Implement .switch(cond): {...} 1 year ago
DankParrot b6d99799bd [protocol] Update headers 1 year ago
DankParrot a2ac2531bb [protocol] Packets now use std::string_view 1 year ago
DankParrot 1e2e6da787 [protocol] Implement object arrays 1 year ago
DankParrot 8a6fdb67ef [protocol] Implement nested objects 1 year ago
DankParrot f5fdf4b27e protocol.hjson: Implement arrays 1 year ago
DankParrot 450e04bd2f protocol.hjson: Add conditional clauses 1 year ago
DankParrot b02bdfc90b protocol.hjson: Remove local aliases feature. 1 year ago
DankParrot c4da1c4fad Implement alternative enum syntax 1 year ago
DankParrot c26fc81a2b Tidy up and comment protocol.hjson 1 year ago
DankParrot e09c70a51a New protocol.hjson type system 1 year ago
DankParrot e71ae319a2 Add read/write specializations for bool 1 year ago
DankParrot 2b06f0c149 BlockState: store properties 1 year ago
DankParrot 2db8c240c1 Handle invalid local palette block states 1 year ago
DankParrot ea2ff1b8fd Comment out most spammy log traces 1 year ago
DankParrot eec887a052 World: Load spawn chunks at start 1 year ago
DankParrot c71e330026 Fix spacing in meson.build again 1 year ago
DankParrot 83ecf57e76 NBT iterator for CompoundTag + fix warnings 1 year ago
Joshua Ashton 5d1257456f Initial work on sending multiple chunks 1 year ago
Joshua Ashton 4e1a4c92b3 Add libjobs 1 year ago
Joshua Ashton a854f9e1ea Fix spacing in meson.build 1 year ago
Joshua Ashton b563f3ed45 Add WriteSubMessage helper 1 year ago
Joshua Ashton 71f78fa89c Support > 4 bitsPerBlock 1 year ago
Joshua Ashton f6bb87ab2b Work on sending chunks 1 year ago
Joshua Ashton 2d1403548c Merge branch 'master' of https://git.froggi.es/frogcraft/FeatherMC into master 1 year ago
DankParrot f0b3533418 Add blocks.json 1 year ago
DankParrot 80314a2da0 Temporarily disable free() for NBT::DataBuffer 1 year ago