WindowMaker dockapp emulating a digital pet
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wmgotchi is a dockapp written in C. Based on a popular japanese toy, here comes a dockapp.

This was written as a sort of practice regarding dockapps! Feel free to expand upon it and send pull requests.

#Requirements GTK+2 with GDK

#Compiling make


#Features alt tag

wmgotchi's can live up to 5 gotchi years! Watch it hatch and see it become a baby, child, teen and adult. Watch out for its needs, like e.g. hunger. Don't let it become too bored either! Keep it clean and healthy. No one likes dead gotchis.


  • Finishing the gfx for age 3 and 4
  • creating the info screen (right now dialog output will do)
  • support custom skins via parameter
  • balance the difficulty, adjust values

#Notes This was written on Slackware64 with WindowMaker in mind.