859 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Marco Hladik 9070693039 texture2DLod() is obsolete, so fix that 2 months ago
gm-matthew 6f21072ed0 Non-linked games no longer falsely list the net board under extra hardware 5 months ago
gm-matthew fca27e1738 Fix 16-bit variables not displaying correctly in Z80 debugger (at least in MSVC builds) 5 months ago
gm-matthew cb7f8fc4f6 Fix netboard resets and detection of simulated netboard linking to itself 6 months ago
gm-matthew 671cd555e7 Adding simulated netboard; all linked games except Sega Rally 2 working at full speed. 6 months ago
gm-matthew 1d870f934d Corrected alignment issues with netboard RAM; send/receive parameters no longer need to be manipulated to work correctly. Fixes bugs including Scud Race linked car orientation. 7 months ago
dukeeeey 40f552215e Add some async network methods. Async send copies to an internal buffer and sends in another thread so doesn't block at all. Added CheckDataAvailable method to the TCPReceive class. Can check or wait for data without blocking. 7 months ago
sheridan 7916e20879 DSB2 clock speed from 4MHz to 11MHz. 7 months ago
sheridan dae15a22f8 New dumps added: 8 months ago
sheridan ed1b29745c Fixed cycle counting overflow that was causing DSB2 to halt execution. 8 months ago
dukeeeey 465708862b missing header 8 months ago
sheridan 005bc92e7f DSB2 IRQ 2 now fires at 1KHz rather than once per frame, improving 8 months ago
dukeeeey 3ce8bd45b1 Just a few compile warnings 8 months ago
dukeeeey ff9a603e3f Fix project file 8 months ago
sheridan cfa3aad20c Build bot script. 8 months ago
sheridan 6526fb3650 Skichamp Driveboard error fix. 8 months ago
sheridan a1b94433d5 Huge refactor of the Driveboard: 8 months ago
sheridan 886cfead8a Introduce new config keywords. 9 months ago
sheridan f2cd7ec642 The controls of bass/getbass games were no longer good, following recent rom set name changes in Games.xml. 10 months ago
sheridan b79ca4b38f Corrected game set names & game titles (Brian Troha) 10 months ago
sheridan 8610f39623 Added rumble skipad in Ski Champ game. 10 months ago
sheridan bae8607475 Service menu activated in swtrilgyp. 10 months ago
sheridan 38cbeced07 - Add -O3 optimization option for OSX and Linux. 10 months ago
sheridan 06155c9faf - Suppressed net board console output (using debug logging now) 10 months ago
sheridan 14f5ab47cf - Star Wars Trilogy untextured Death Star surface bug in gcc builds was caused by -Ofast (thanks to rokfpoewrkcpoqwkcp for discovering this). Using -O3 now. 10 months ago
sheridan 694f984a62 Updated rules file. 10 months ago
sheridan 7cf3f1e8d2 Introducing a special release build target with SVN version stamping. 10 months ago
sheridan 14bff58c59 Magical Truck Adventure rom patch to unlock region. (enter service menu, then Start P1, Start P1, Service, Start P1, Service, Test) 10 months ago
dukeeeey 6f0cdeafde -wide-bg option to stretch the background tile layer when wide-screen mode is enabled - Daro Land 10 months ago
sheridan 22fcefa082 Change the duration of constant force effect in SDL2 to correct daytona games 11 months ago
sheridan 4010ca4348 Makefiles update 12 months ago
sheridan 14d2980e50 Star Wars Trilogy lever feedback activated 12 months ago
sheridan 1699b8b70c Force Feeback for Linux 1 year ago
dukeeeey af2cd5a867 hopefully fix building on linux 1 year ago
sheridan 0f120844b6 Added Screenshot feature (ALT+S). 1 year ago
sheridan 867871f071 Remove using namespace from headers. 1 year ago
dukeeeey fc0547d24d fix compiling with visual studio 1 year ago
dukeeeey 434b721ff7 fix missing polys with quad renderer 1 year ago
sheridan 1dd746ee5f Balance initial value set to "0" rather than "false". "False" is interpreted as 0 when decoded as a float, so there will be no effect here, but this expresses the intended logic better. 1 year ago
sheridan 76a822d155 Fixed a longstanding bug that caused stereo channels to be flipped incorrectly. 1 year ago
dukeeeey 893ef28ea2 Clip scroll fog to viewport, instead of filling entire screen. Fixes fog bug in Daytona credits. 1 year ago
dukeeeey 07779516dd Update scroll fog logic. Should fix the credits in virtua fighter and daytona that have fogging applied to the background layer and shouldn't. 1 year ago
sheridan 71c3bea373 - Add missing library from previous windows makefile update. 1 year ago
sheridan a592b72281 Windows makefile update 1 year ago
sheridan 8b94954034 - Reworked logging system to support output to multiple outputs: files, stdout, stderr, and syslog (OutputDebugString on Windows, syslog on other systems). 1 year ago
sheridan a0b260cfdc Rename command line SCSP option to -legacy-scsp and -new-scsp 1 year ago
sheridan fd25c87679 Correct the returned value from previous getbass patch 1 year ago
sheridan 447919fff6 Getbass related 1 year ago
sheridan 08adb00d1d Small oversight in the new SCSP code 1 year ago
dukeeeey bc05644420 Various SCSP improvements and code cleanup: 1 year ago