Commit ad8fdcac authored by Philip Rebohle's avatar Philip Rebohle

[dxvk] Don't mark queries as stalling if DONOTFLUSH is set

parent 362ecf1e
......@@ -80,9 +80,15 @@ namespace dxvk {
HRESULT hr = query->GetData(pData, GetDataFlags);
// If we're likely going to spin on the asynchronous object,
// flush the context so that we're keeping the GPU busy
// flush the context so that we're keeping the GPU busy.
if (hr == S_FALSE) {
// Don't mark the event query as stalling if the app does
// not intend to spin on it. This reduces flushes on End.
// Ignore the DONOTFLUSH flag here as some games will spin
// on queries without ever flushing the context otherwise.
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