Commit a7b4c299 authored by Joshua Ashton's avatar Joshua Ashton 馃惛

[dxso] Use m's id for bump matrix in TexBem

Fixes refractive windows in Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines

Was also a silly typo given my comment right above about it 馃惛!
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......@@ -2568,7 +2568,7 @@ void DxsoCompiler::emitControlFlowGenericLoop(
uint32_t tc_m_n = m_module.opCompositeExtract(fl_t,, 1, &i);
uint32_t offset = m_module.constu32(D3D9SharedPSStages_Count * + D3D9SharedPSStages_BumpEnvMat0 + i);
uint32_t offset = m_module.constu32(D3D9SharedPSStages_Count * ctx.src[0].id.num + D3D9SharedPSStages_BumpEnvMat0 + i);
uint32_t bm = m_module.opAccessChain(m_module.defPointerType(vec2_t, spv::StorageClassUniform),
m_ps.sharedState, 1, &offset);
bm = m_module.opLoad(vec2_t, bm);
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