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This is a Wownero IRC tipbot. Released under GPLv2+.

Installation requirements:
  - the daemon/simplewallet for the Wownero coin to use
  - python 2
  - redis
  - python-redis

The daemon needs a running redis, daemon and simplewallet. Set the connection parameters
for these in tipbot.py.

Before starting, read the configuration parameters in tipbot/config.py and change
as appropriate.

Start the bot with the coin name as parameter to -c (eg, python tipbot.py -c monero).
Coin specs are defined in a file called tipbot/coinspecs.py. If you want to add a coin
that the tipbot does not support yet, simply copy and adapt an existing spec.

Modules are loaded with -m (eg, python tipbot.py -m payment). Available modules are
in the tipbot/modules directory.

The tipbot will need a wallet. Any wallet can do, but it is recommended to use a separate
wallet. This wallet should be loaded in the simplewallet the tipbot connects to.

A file called tipbot-password.txt shall be created where the tipbot runs, containing the
Freenode account password for the tipbot. This is so the tipbot can identify, to avoid
others passing off for the tipbot.

Tipbot commands are prefix with "!". Try !commands to get a list of available commands.

The withdrawal fee is currently set to the default network fee. For coins with per kB fees,
if a withdraw transaction happens to be larger than 1 kB, more will be charged by
simplewallet. The withdrawal fee can be set higher to guard against this.

If a withdrawal error happens, withdrawals are disabled until enabled again by the operator,
to avoid possible exploits.

Coins that have a modified RPC command set from the base Wownero code may need to
modify the tipbot.