Wine wrapper for running Windows games on Linux
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LunionPlay is a compatiblity tool which allows running Windows games on Linux. It is an Wine wrapper that provide also DXVK and VKD3D-Proton.

The main goal is to offer an Proton alternative to launch your GOG games. You can use the Wine package of your Linux distribution (but it is not ideal for gaming) or Lutris builds or Wine GE builds or else Wine TkG builds.

This is still early development. Be aware it is a work in progress and from complete yet


  • glib


For obtaining the source, you can clone the repository

git clone && cd lunionplay

Building LunionPlay

$ meson setup build
$ meson compile -C build

How to use

You can launch a program:

lunionplay programid

Example with a GOG game

  1. Download the offline backup game installer (setup_xxx.exe) that you want on your account GOG.
  2. Install game in launching LunionPlay with a game id of your choice to LUNIONPLAY_PROGRAM_ID env. variable and passing path game installer as argument :
LUNIONPLAY_PROGRAM_ID=gameid lunionplay /path/to/setup_xxx.exe
  1. During installation configuration, change game destination to Z:\home\<user>\path\to\destination\directory. Otherwise, by default, the game will be installed in the Wine prefix, which is not at all ideal, especially if you want to delete the prefix without deleting game data.
  2. Create/Add this lines in ini file:
  1. Enjoy your game:
$ lunionplay gameid


LunionPlay use config file which can be used to set runtime configuration options.

Basic package

  • $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/lunionplay/config.ini
  • $HOME/.config/lunionplay/config.ini

Config file content

; wine binaries directory
wine_path = /path/to/wine/bin
; dxvk directory
dxvk = /path/to/dxvk
; vkd3d-proton directory
vkd3d_proton = /path/to/vkd3d-proton
; driver to use - options are: radv, nvidia or intel
driver = nvidia

; use an another Wine for this program
wine_path = /path/to/another/wine/bin
; windows executable to launch for this program id
command = /path/to/program.exe
; add arguments for launching them with the program
command_args = -dx11,-launcher-skip

Runtime Configuration Options

All of the below are runtime options. You can use normally the runtime options others programms (Wine, graphical driver, ...). Removing the option will revert to the previous behavior.

Name Value Description
LUNIONPLAY_CONFIG_FILE /path/to/ini Use an custom configuration file
LUNIONPLAY_DXVK /path/to/dxvk Use an custom DXVK directory
LUNIONPLAY_PROGRAM_ID programid Indicate an program id for LunionPlay when you install program with his installer
LUNIONPLAY_USE_WINED3D 1 Use OpenGL-based wined3d instead of Vulkan-based DXVK for d3d11, d3d10, and d3d9
LUNIONPLAY_USE_VKD3D 1 Use Vulkan-based vkd3d for d3d12
LUNIONPLAY_VKD3D_PROTON /path/to/vkd3d-proton Use an custom VKD3D-Proton directory
LUNIONPLAY_WINE_PATH /path/to/wine/bin Use an custom Wine binaries directory



Available in LICENSE file

Copyright (C) 2023 Alexis Peypelut alias IroAlexis